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Can You Send Money Internationally through Cash App | Here is the Fact

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Can You Send Money Internationally through Cash App | Here is the Fact

Written by: Cashapp

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Can You Send Money Internationally through Cash App | Here is the Fact

A software engineer from Salt Lake City, Lucas Jones shared his experience with us. Last month his sister who is doing MBBS in London city got into the need of urgent financial help. When Lucas came to know about it, the first idea that passed through his mind was using his favorite and reliable money transfer application: Square Cash App. Being unaware of the fact he browsed through his Cash App in an attempt to help his sister with money. But, when he could not find out the relevant option, he called our 24*7 Cash App customer service for assistance and our experts helped him to the fullest level. But, the question is, can you send money internationally through Square Cash App? If you also want to know the answer to this question read further this post and find what are the best things to do in such cases.  

One more thing before we continue! If you are struggling with any error or issue related to your Cash App account, you can get direct assistance from the Cash App representatives. On the other hand, if there is no issue, take a minute to read this helping post. In this problem-solving post, we are going to discuss whether Cash App supports international payments or not. Also, we will discuss the best alternatives ways to send money outside of the USA.

Can I Use Cash App to Transfer Money Outside of the USA?

As of now while writing and posting this content, Square Cash App does not support international payments. It means you can't use Cash App to send or receive money outside of the United State of America. However, international payments on Cash App are expected in the coming years. But, at this point in time, Cash App could be used internally to send and receive money. Though the Cash App also offers its services in the UK, transferring money outside of the country is not possible.

This same explanation Cash App expert also gave to Lucas Jones. As being a customer-oriented help center we did not let him go without a solution. We helped him with an alternative option. 

What is Alternative Ways to Send Money Internationally?

There are so many certified and reliable applications & sites for easy money transfer services. Not only from the USA to the UK, but users can also send money to their beloved contacts anywhere in the world in just a few simple clicks. Some of the best in class money transfer services offered by Western Union, PayPal, Transfer Wise, and OFX. Among all these popular money transfer services, PayPal is a more popular and widely accepted money transfer application in the world. Our experts recommended Lucas to try PayPal for a hassle-free transfer of money. Not only this, but our representatives also guided him on live call until he successfully sent the payment to his sister. You also can try this alternative method to send money outside of the USA. Find below more information on how to make international payments on PayPal. 

Steps to Send Money Internationally Through PayPal

A piece of good news is that sending money from PayPal to PayPal account is strikingly simple. In the case of Lucas, luckily his sister Lina Jones was a user of Cash App as well as PayPal. So,the  below mentioned method is dedicated to sending money internationally outside of the USA if the sender and receiver both are PayPal users.

  • Download the PayPal from Google Play Store or App Store according to the OS of your phone.
  • Now open the PayPal and press the sign up tab. 
  • Follow the simple instructions and create your user id and password.
  • Complete the sign-up procedure by entering your name, phone number and bank details.
  • You may have to link your government-approved documents to complete the sign up on PayPal.
  • Now press the menu tab (three horizontal short lines) available at the home screen of the PayPal.
  • Then, select the pay or send money tab.
  • Hit the "Send to family or friend tab".
  • Now enter the contact number, email id or name of the person whom you want to send money and press the next tab.
  • Enter the amount you want to send and press the continue tab.
  • Choose the payment option: debit card to credit card (payment through credit card is chargeable service).
  • Now press the send money tab.
  • Here comes a confirmation message on the screen as proof that your amount has gone successful.

Final Words

That was all today from us. In this blog we have discussed "can you send money internationally through Cash App". Also, we discussed the alternative method like how you send money internationally through PayPal. We are sure all the above-mentioned instruction will come as a great help for you. For more information, get in touch with the Cash App representatives.

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