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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Cash App: Step By Step Guide

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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Cash App: Step By Step Guide

Written by: Cashapp

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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Cash App: Step By Step Guide

 In the earlier days when fast and safe internet services were not easily accessible for everyone, many tasks were quite difficult to do. One of such pieces of work was dealing in Bitcoin which often took a lot of time and effort. A P2P money transfer application Square Cash App took notice of this unpleasant user-experience and decided to come up with simplified ways to purchase and sell Cryptocurrency. With this in mind, in 2017, Cash App added a feature to buy and sell Bitcoin. The app claimed to have integrated the easiest way ever made to get e-money (Bitcoin). Experts also supported the claim of Square app and describe it as a possible game-changer in the future. To prove that Cash App is a good place to carry out the Bitcoin dealings, we are going to discuss in this post how to buy and sell Bitcoin on Cash App.


You don't have to necessarily read this post to learn, if you wish you can get connected with the Cash App customer service and verbally talk about simple steps to sell and buy Bitcoin. Experts available at customer support are well trained and know better than anyone else. And people who leave reading, they can continue to read this helping blog.



How to buy Bitcoin on Cash App 2020?

Undoubtedly, in this digital era there are so many online options available. But, if you don't want to afford a risk with your money and safety of your Bitcoin storage, nothing could be better than a Cash App. So, have a quick look on below mentioned steps and learn how to get Bitcoin in Square Cash App:


  • Open the Cash App on your phone.

  • From the lower option bar, select the balance tab.

  • Now hit the Bitcoin tab and further choose buy.

  • Now use a slider to fix the amount of which you want to purchase Bitcoin or use a keypad to enter the amount.

  • Press the buy button and then touch your thumb on the screen to confirm your identity and validate the transaction.

  • Right here comes a screen that shows you all the details about your purchase. It involved funding sources, amount exchange rate and a few more information.

  • Now hit the confirm tab and you will get a confirmation message on your screen.

  • Press the done tab.


You can buy Bitcoin on Cash App with credit/debit card or Cash App balance as well. You will get an option to choose the source of funds. And be informed that only more than 18 year old people can buy Bitcoin on Square Cash App.


How do I sell Bitcoin on Square Cash App?

Cash App has made simple not only purchasing but selling also. Even an unfamiliar person who doesn’t know anything about Cryptocurrency can buy or sell Bitcoin. These are the steps to follow to sell Bitcoin:

  • Unlock the Cash App on your phone.

  • Get into the balance tab.

  • Scroll down to find the Bitcoin and tap it.

  • Right here you need to select the sell tab.

  • Use slider or enter the amount (worth of Bitcoin) that you want to sell off and then press the sell button.

  • Now scan your fingerprint to confirm your identity.

  • Right here comes a confirmation message with the amount of Bitcoin and exchange rate of Bitcoin.

  • If everything looks good, hit the confirm tab.

  • You will get a confirmation message for a successful transaction.



Final Words

This post has explained how to buy and sell Bitcoin on Square Cash App. All Cash App users can follow the instructions given in the above section. We are sure; the discussed method will be highly beneficial. For more information and any kind of help, feel free to get in touch with Cash App representatives. Solutions to all kinds of problems are available.


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Cash App is widely known payment application in the United States of America. Probably you must have known that Cash App used to be Square Cash some time ago. Later on, with the introduction of the new features and development, Square Cash application became Cash App