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Cash App Card at ATM: Use, Withdrawal Fees & Limit

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Cash App Card at ATM: Use, Withdrawal Fees & Limit

Written by: Cashapp

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Cash App Card at ATM: Use, Withdrawal Fees & Limit

Future is uncertain and you may not have always debit cards, credit card and an internet connection in your possession. That's why carrying an alternative option is highly recommendable. And that alternative option is Square Cash App. Yes, Cash App is not like any other ordinary peer to peer money transfer application. This fast, safe and free application offers a wide-ranging benefit. Apart from sending & receiving money, users can buy & sell Stocks and Cryptocurrency. From future uncertainty, I mean the need of money in the form of cash. In our day to day life, there could a lot of situations when you may fall into the need for cash money, right? So, do you know in such a condition your favorite mobile-based money transfer application; Cash App can do a wonder? If you don't know, this post is for you! Can I use my Cash App Card at ATM? Does Cash App charge fees on ATM withdrawal, if yes, How much? Is there any limit on Cash App Card withdrawal? We will discuss these three topics in this helping-post.

One more thing before we continue! You can take the direct assistance from Cash App customer support regarding any issue related to your Cash App Account and pending refund. On the other hand, if you don't have any issue, continue to read this post and know how you can draw maximum benefits from Square Cash App.

Can I Withdraw Money through Cash App Card From ATM?

 Yes, you will be glad to know that you can use your Cash App card at an ATM and withdraw money in just a few simple steps. A piece of good news is that users can withdraw money from any certified bank hassle-freely & 24*7. All the verified users are entitled to get a decent looking Visa Debit Card. Cash App Visa Debit Card works the same way as any other normal bank debit card does. It is protected by a secret PIN, magnetic stripe & embedded Microchip. All the information remains encrypted in the chip. So, security and the stress-free transaction is guaranteed. Another biggest advantage is that users can disable and enable Cash App ATM Card and change secret PIN code as well through Cash App application. 

What is Cash App ATM Card Withdrawal Limit?

Square Cash Card lets every user withdraw cash from ATMs of all banks up to the following limits:-

  • 250 USD per transaction
  • 1,000 USD in 24 hours
  • 1,000 USD in 7 days period
  • 1,250 USD in 30 days period

Usually, banks don't offer cashback for using bank debit cards. But, a piece of good news is that Square Cash App offers cashback upon regular use of its card. One more important thing to keep in mind is that whenever you check the balance at an ATM you will always see a 0.0 USD balance. So, use your phone to check your balance.

What are ATM Fees on Cash Card?

As per the latest updates, Square Cash App charges $2 on every transaction. Besides that, ATMs may charge additional fees for using a card of a different bank. To avoid these fees, what you can do is to transfer your money from Cash App to your bank account. Moreover, you can just swap your cash card to make payments and pay bills at the fuel station, shopping malls, and markets.

Bottom Line

The above write explains a complete solution for using Cash App Card at an ATM. In this post, we have also discussed what is the withdrawal limit & fees using Cash App ATM card. In this post, we left no room for any confusion. But, if any shred of doubt grows in your mind, don't worry, just connect with the Square Cash App customer service department.

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Cash App is widely known payment application in the United States of America. Probably you must have known that Cash App used to be Square Cash some time ago. Later on, with the introduction of the new features and development, Square Cash application became Cash App