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Cash App Card Activation Process: Two Simple Methods 2020

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Cash App Card Activation Process: Two Simple Methods 2020

Written by: Cashapp

Cash App Phone Number
Cash App Card Activation Process: Two Simple Methods 2020

How to activate Cash App Card without scanning QR code? How to activate Square Cash App Visa debit card by scanning QR code? These are the two most frequently asked questions over the internet. If you are also looking for the best methods to activate the visa debit card of Cash App, Congratulation as you have reached the ideal place. In this helping webpage, we will discuss the hassle-free & certified ways to enable the square cash card. 

One more thing before we continue! I have another better option for you. If your matter of concern is something else related to Cash App Card or account, you can take direct assistance from representative of Cash App customer support. On the other hand, if you just want to know the quick methods to enable the debit card of Square Cash, keep reading this helping post. At the end of this blog, you will have learned 2 best ways to enable your Square Cash Card with QR Code and without QR code.

I have lost my QR code. How to Activate Cash App Card manually?

Don't worry if you have lost your unique QR code. You will be glad to know that you can enable your smart cash card in just a few simple steps. Be informed that if you have already tried to activate your visa debit card of Cash App, but found an error, it means you need the assistance of experts at Cash App customer support. On the other hand, if this is your first attempt to enable the Cash App card, you can follow these steps: 

  • The first step is to open the Square App on your mobile phone.
  • Hit the account balance tab.
  • Now scroll down to find the Cash App card activate the option.
  • Press the card activation tab.
  • Here comes a new pop up with a few numbers of options. 
  • Select "Use CVV Instead" to start the manual activation process.
  • Here comes a field where you have to type CVV number and expiration date of your brand new cash debit card.

How to Activate Cash App Card by scanning QR Code?

Apart from entering the card details, users can also activate their Cash App Visa debit card automatically. And that automatic method is to scan a QR code. Just check out your papers that came with Cash App card packing to find your QR code. And follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Launch the Square App and touch the balance tab.
  • Scroll down to find the Cash App Card image & press on it. 
  • From the list of options select "Scan QR code".
  • You must grant access to Square Cash App to use your phone's camera.
  • Now place the QR code in front of your phone’s camera & in the right direction to scan the code printed on the paper that had come with your cash card.
  • As a result of successful QR code scanning, your cash card will be activated in a few seconds. 

How to Disable Square Cash App Card?

There could be a mishappening with anyone. And you may lose your debit card of Cash App. In such a case, what you must do is to disable the Cash App visa debit card. A piece of good news is that you can turn off and disable your Cash App card from the phone by following these steps:

  • Open Cash App and hit the profile tab. 
  • Scroll down the screen to find the Cash App card column. 
  • Here you can see the button to disable and enable the Cash App card. 
  • Hit it to turn off the visa debit card. 
  • To complete the change in square Cash App card, give your touch id.


That was all from us. Today, in this brief write up we have discussed Cash App Card Activation Process with QR code and without Scanning QR code with ease of mind. We believe, all the above-mentioned steps will come as a great help. If any doubt left in your mind, feel free to connect with our 24 Hrs Cash App customer service.

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