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how to withdraw bitcoins to cash in Simple Steps: USD, EURO, AUD & CAD

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how to withdraw bitcoins to cash in Simple Steps: USD, EURO, AUD & CAD

Written by: Cashapp

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how to withdraw bitcoins to cash in Simple Steps: USD, EURO, AUD & CAD

Amid the growing popularity of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency at a stunning level, time and again people could be seen asking how to sell Bitcoin for cash. How to cash out Bitcoin hassle-freely? What makes people think seriously about turning Bitcoin into real-world money is its highly volatile nature. With this in mind, everyone who has any sort of virtual money in his possession, would not like to miss any good opportunity to get real cash money out of e-money. Moreover, the sad truth is that Cryptocurrency in any form or version is not acceptable everywhere. This is another reason why one may think of selling Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and any other digital money to get cash money.

Whatever may be the reason for exchanging your Bitcoin with real currency, you always can get help from the Square Cash App experts. With more than 15 million active users in the USA, Cash App has expertise to convert Bitcoin to cash. With the help of the experts you can convert Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum into USA dollars, GBP, Canandian and Australian dollars. Read on this helping post for some basic knowledge: 

Can Bitcoin be converted to Cash?

Stop growing anxious if you are wondering whether you can turn your Bitcoin into valid & authorised money or not. A piece of good news is that anyone can transform Bitcoin into cash. But, one point to bear in mind is that your bank has nothing to do with your desire to change Bitcoin to cash currency. You will have to take help of third party applications like Coinbase, Cash App, Coinjar or Binance. It is also worth advising you to check out the Bitcoin cash converter before straightforwardly withdrawing your Bitcoin. 

What is Bitcoin to cash converter? How to use it? 

Cash converter is also known as Bitcoin calculator. Keeping in mind the high volatile nature of the Bitcoin, it is important to check out the Bitcoin to cash converter. With the help of it you easily can find out what the current rate is going on for one Bitcoin. Cash converters are easily available and accessible online. All you have to do is just select your country or currency and then press the calculate tab. In just a few seconds on screen the current value will reflect. According to that you can expect how much cash you will get back by withdrawing your Bitcoin. 

How to cash out Bitcoin in USD, Euro or any other currency?

To sell Bitcoin is not only an option to earn cash money. You can do online shoppings, make payments in Bitcoin or pay your bills where it is acceptable. But, if you are determined to cash out Bitcoin in US dollar, GBP or any other currency, you can consider the below mentioned methods:  

  • Use Bitcoin ATM: Yes, what you may not know is that in many cities Bitcoin ATMs are available. You can find out nearby Bitcoin ATMs with the help of Google Search in just a few simple taps. However, Bitcoin ATMs are said to charge hefty fees for dispensing out cash money in lieu of Bitcoin. 
  • Online Services: You can exchange your e-money with your national currency with the help of Coinbase, Coinjar, Binance, Coindesk. But, this option also does not come for free. Also, it may take 4-6 business days. And of course, you will be required to create an account and link your bank account also.


  • Use of Bitcoin Debit Card: It can be a good idea to use a Bitcoin debit card. If you are a professional trader, using a Bitcoin debit card may do magic in your life. Some of the reputable debit card issuers are Monaco, Bitpay, BCCPay and Coinjar.

 Final Words: How to withdraw Bitcoin to Cash App/PayPal/Coinbase? 

That is all for today from our side in this tutorial: Convert Bitcoin to Cash Money. We are sure you will find all the information quite helpful and beneficial. I would like to end this post informing you that you also can withdraw bitcoin to Cash App, PayPal or Coinbase. For more information or any kind of assistance, you can click here for free assistance 24 hrs.


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